The Meeting Places


meeting_places_numbered days
Numbered Days (Words On Music, 2006)

Find Yourself Along the Way
Find Yourself Along the Way (Words On Music, 2003)

A Houseguest's Wish
VARIOUS ARTISTS A Houseguest’s Wish (Words On Music, 2004) CD
Song: “Outdoor Miner”

Club AC30 #3
VARIOUS ARTISTS Club AC30 #3 (Club AC30, 2004) CD
Song: “Two More Hours”

Blisscent II
VARIOUS ARTISTS Blisscent II (Blisscent, 2003) CD
Song: “Same Lies as Yesterday”

Numbered Days can be purchased at Tonevendor, Amazon, Insound and Words On Music.

Find Yourself Along the Way can be purchased through Words on Music, Amazon, Insound, Tonevendor, Parasol or your local indie record store.

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