The Meeting Places


Find Yourself Along the Way:

The Meeting Places was founded in September 2001 in Los Angeles, California by four guitarists, including Scott McDonald (Closedown, Alison’s Halo and Brad Laner’s post-Medicine project, Amnesia), the architect of the quartet’s signature reverberating washes. Dean Yoshihara soon shifted to drum kit, Arthur Chan lent his talents to bass guitar, and singer and lyricist Chase Harris remained on rhythm guitar.

Each member contributed to the songwriting process on their debut album for Words On Music (Dean and Arthur picking up the guitar again for passages in “Take to the Sun” and “On Our Own” respectively). Find Yourself Along the Way is a stream of peerless compositions that inconspicuously tours the best of the early 1990s dream pop scene. But, due in large part to Harris’ deliciously nonchalant voice, the songwriting progresses from that scene with momentum towards a sparkling style of noise-pop that is equally memorable and provocative.

Numbered Days:

From late 2005 to early 2006 the quartet recorded their sophomore album with Jim Fairchild (Grandaddy, Earlimart) at The Ship. Numbered Days contains ten luminous new songs that combine infectious, melodic indie-pop with the tremulous soundscapes the band first explored on their 2003 debut. The album was released worldwide by Words On Music in October 2006.


In 2010 Scott McDonald left the band and was soon replaced with Matt Gleason (Melodyguild, The Von Trapps) on guitar. The band is currently busy working on new material for live shows and new recorded material for 2012.

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